Abilfat’s Core Services


Outsourcing has become a key strategy for organizations seeking to reduce costs and   improve services. A well-chosen outsourcing strategy can help you:

• Increase visibility into the strengths and weakness of available service portfolios for a faster, more cost effective decision-making process.

• Identify key consideration points for keeping your options open, whether you’re establishing, renewing or renegotiating an outsourcing contract

Our experienced advisors help validate outsourcing strategies, understand baseline costs, build business cases for change, align stakeholders, evaluate options, and provide guidance through vendor selection, negotiation and the transition process.

We can help you build an outsourcing capability and manage your ongoing relationships at any point of your journey


We are outsourcing partners to various organizations in various sectors of the economy. Our human capital outsourcing includes but not limited to the following: Customer Services Personnel, Personal Assistants, Confidential Secretaries, Call Center Executives, Guest Relation Officers, System Analysts, IT Operators,Office Assistants, Account officers, Marketing Executives, Bulk Tellers, Cashiers, Admin officers, Receptionists, Professional Drivers, Dispatch Riders, Security, Stewards, Factory workers, Gardeners and Cleaners.
We are also happy to partner with you to identify other categories of staff you may need, and outsource same to you.

Our contract labour outsourcing provides benefits which include:

• Reduced burden on your HR department with regards to attracting, retaining and releasing staff.

 • Increased level of expertise deployed to perform specific tasks.

 • Cost efficiency and effectiveness.

 • Decreased overhead expenses.

 • More time for you to focus on your core business processes


Knowing that our business aids yours, we take detailed consideration in organizing Corporate and Leisure travel plans for our clients. This plan includes:

  • Ticketing (Domestic & International).

  • Visa Assistance.

  • Hotel Reservations (Domestic &Internation).

  • Family and Group Vacations.


Leveraging on our several years of experience, expertise and proven methodologies; A&A is confident that we can manage your recruitment needs from start to finish.

As your search partner, our primary objective is to match skills and talent of all candidates to your specific functional requirements and corporate culture for optimal performance.

As your selection partner, our team will assume ownership and accountability for your customized selection process, as we deliver the most competent candidates for your business needs. We strive to reduce your overall selection costs while ultimately ensuring increased retention rates.

Our services offered in this area includes but not limited to the following:
Permanent Placements, Interim Placements, Contract LabourOutsouring,
Response Handling and Psychometric.


Here at A&A we believe that people are your most valuable assets in the pursuit of excellence and sustained high performance. As such it is vital to ensure your people are engaged, excited and motivated, so they deliever the performance you require and remain committed to your organization, it is also crucial to give your people the best training available to achieve the required performance and beat your competition.

At A&A we recognize that each company has a different vision of success, and will therefore require a different approach to get there. In our approach we work with people to determine the best methodology. We will consider your organization’s specific challenges and objectives and work to allowing them to each of the training levels, in a customized and cost-effective fashion.

Why We Are Considered the Best

Effective Decision-Making

Abilfat helps you identify key cosideration point for keeping your options open whether you are establishing, renewing or renegotiating an outsourcing contract

Perfect For All Consulting Organization

Abilfat and Associates reaches above and beyond quick fixes and fads to present organizations with a rigorously tested

Abilfat's Helps You In Standing Out

Abilfat helps you in various ways to push your business forward which makes you stand out amongst all other organisations, sectors and firms all over the continent.

We Make Your Content Stand Out

We include Customer Services Personnel, Personal Assistants, Confidential Secretaries, Call Center Executives, Guest Relation Officers, System Analysts, IT Operators,Office Assistants and in other various economy scetor

Multi-Disciplinary Management

Abilfat is an established and well respected multi disciplinary management consulting firm that specializes in identifying the needs of organizations

Analyzing Business Problems

Organize and help her people address its functional challenges and gain competitive advantage through revised strategies

We Aid Your Business

Our Mission is to help organizations address its functional challenges and gain competitive advantage through revised strategies, talent investment and effectiveness

We Analyze Your Needs

Abilfat and Associates helps you in analyzing your business problems and poviding holistic solution that takes your enterprise to the next level of development.

What Client’s Say

I am highly impressed with Abilfat and Associates Corporate Travel Package of which i took advantage off. Highly recommended!
Dcns. Yemisi Imasi, Alphaplan B
Abilfat’s And Associate Has the Greatest Corporate and Branding Souvenirs Ever “Bravo” for this work!
Mrs Aity Omeike, Rancleave Limited

Our Business Aiding Yours.